Castor Ski Lodge

Castor Ski Lodge is a complex with 15 separate cottages located at the bottom of Cerro Castor, amid a centennial lenga-tree forest.  The complex has been developed under the premise of tailor-made service for skiers.  It has unique features that will make your stay a one-of-a-kind experience, redefining the concept of ski trips.
The cottages –made of stone, logs and wood- have an elegant architecture, aligned with a sound sense of beauty, comfort and convenience.
Castor Ski Lodge offers an exclusive customer care service ensuring the quality of your stay, within a unique context, at the bottom of the mountain surrounded by the most amazing landscape.
Castor Ski Lodge is strategically located preserving the harmony with nature and with the best views of the forest and the mountain.  It provides an ideal atmosphere to find relaxation and privacy necessary to enjoy a different vacation.
In turn, the cuisine offering of Morada del Águila, you can enjoy in the complex, reinforces the exclusive identity of Castor Ski Lodge, combining typical regional and international dishes with a marvelous landscape. 


The complex, made up of 4 cottages for 2/3 guests, 10 cottages for 4/5 guests and 1 cottage for 6/7 guests, is located only a few meters away from the Morada del Aguila restaurant, and from the ski equipment rental and nursery.


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